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Looking Through The Lens of Our Youth

The sport of triathlon is under represented by minorities in every category possible (i.e. competitors, athletes, announcers, race directors, coaches, assistants, leadership positions, front line personnel and the list continues). Minorities are under represented in the sport of triathlon because there remains a lack of education, opportunities, exposure, access, resources, funding, and the know-how. While this remains a travesty, in the society we leave it, it remains more the norm then not.

Although minorities are currently under represented in the sport of triathlon, the future continues to remain bright. The International Association of Black Triathletes (IABT), a 501C3 non profit woman and minority owned organization is excited with the opportunities it offer under served communities through programming and not just through sports but also advancement in and through the sport as well.

Thirteen year old, Halz Simons is one of the co-founders of the IABT Junior Multisport Club, founded in 2014. Halz has grown up in and through the sport of triathlon since age 6. Through the years, Halz has acquired and added a variety of skill sets to her repertoire. Halz latest acquisition is that of photographer. Halz attends Parkville Magnet Middle School and is a Communication Major. She enjoys all aspects of her program but has been expressing for years, her interest in photography.

Through the sport of triathlon, there are limitless opportunities to use the skill of photography as it remains in any industry. The uniqueness the sport of triathlon offers with a true eye for photography. is an opportunity to always be and to stay in demand without ever lacking work and for youth in urban communities, an opportunity such as honing in on a new skill set in an industry such as the sport of triathlon, simply leads to the breaking of generational curses and the possibility of a more financially stable future and life.

Youth in urban communities lack resources, opportunities, exposure and belief than youth in rural and suburban areas. It is not an excuse, these remain facts. As a result of the disparity between resources, opportunities, exposure and belief from youth living in these areas, their longevity of life often have differing outcomes.

IABT offer opportunities for youth that assist in breaking generational curses, improving their social capital, cultural capital, relationship capital, non-financial capital, and human capital.

Guiding Definitions:

  • Non-financial capital - the value of your brand.

  • Human capital. This includes knowledge, skills, experience, health, attitudes and motivation of individuals.

  • Cultural capital - comprises the social assets of a person (education, intellect, style of speech, style of dress, etc.) that promote social mobility in a stratified society.

  • Social and relationship capital. This consists of teams, networks and groups of individuals working together, and includes their shared intellectual capital. Constructed capital. This consists of material objects, systems or ecosystems created or cultivated by humans.

One of IABT's programs that offer youth opportunities and experiences mentioned above is Dr. Tekemia Dorsey's Sports Academy For Urban Youth.

Halz S. is a member of the Dr. Tekemia Dorsey's Sports Academy For Urban Youth where she continues to acquire leadership skills, certifications, and opportunities such as the one taken place on March 7, 2020.

Halz S. will be the Headliner at IABT's Booth (#410) at the B-More Healthy Expo. In its 11th year, the B'More Healthy Expo offers something for every age and interest. Families will be entertained and engaged with a variety of health and wellness exhibits and activities. Best of all, The B'More Healthy Expo will connect attendees with community resources to help them reach their health and wellness goals!

Halz S. will be providing FREE Professional Head Shots for youth and adults that are interested. The focus on the youth initiative is to provide a valuable tool youth need today to succeed, while helping Halz increasing her social, relationship, non-financial, cultural and human capital

Learn more at www.theiabt.org and schedule your Head Shot with Halz S. at https://www.theiabt.com/safuy-halz-simons