2020 NCAA Women's Varsity COMBINE

First Combine In An Urban Community

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August 8, 2020

Location & More Details Forthcoming


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2019 NCAA Women's Varsity COMBINE

In August 2019, USA Triathlon held the first NCAA Women's Varsity Combine ever in Massachusetts. Preparing our IABT Junior Multisport Club athletes for normal competition and Youth & Junior Nationals, a week after Youth & Junior National Championships, four of our female athletes traveled to take part in the Combine. 

We are pleased to have had four Urban Youth represented from our club during this Combine. We made HERstory in preparing and sending female athletes to the first NCAA Women's Varsity COMBINE. 

We will continue the momentum in Summer 2020 as we host the first NCAA Women's Varsity Combine in an urban community. #JOINUS