2019 Conference/Expo*Event RECAP

The IABT / IABT Multisport Racing Youth & Junior TRi-Conference® / Expo*Event in partnership with Deer Park Magnet Middle School. Deer Park Magnet Middle School is one of the largest urban schools in the Baltimore County Public School system.  The Conference was held on June 1, 2019. 

 The primary goal our of 2019 Conference was to identify Sporting Career, Internships, Jobs, & Opportunities. Student-athletes or aspiring athletes were able to meet and greet successful Sport-Industry Business Professionals and engage in workshops that enhanced their professional and personal growth and development.


IABT received a citation from Governor Larry Hogan and was elated to have USA Triathlon Chief Executive Officer as our Keynote Speaker. The Conference was operational by Student-Athletes that were given an opportunity to speak and to lead this project.  They did an extraordinary job. 

2018 Conference/Expo*Event RECAP 


The IABT / IABT Multisport Racing Youth & Junior Tri-Conference® / Expo*Event held the 1st Youth and Junior Tri-Conference in the world and on an Historically black college and university (HBCU) campus July 14, 2018!


The 2018 IABT / IABT Multisport Racing Youth & Junior Tri-Conference® / Expo*Event founded by Ironman, Marathoner, Endurance Athlete, USA Triathlon Certified Race Director, Level 1, Youth & Junior and Youth & Junior ELITE Coach, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey. The conference was

designed to educate and to increase participation for all in the multisport industry, but especially black youth and those living in urban communities. It was a HUGE Success.


Currently there are over 500,000 triathletes in the world (as of August, 2016) however less than 1% of that population are African Americans. One of the reasons why the sport has not grown for black youth and those living in urban communities remains a lack of awareness that multisport events exists as well as the opportunity available in the multisport industry.

​The goal of the Conference was to unveil a pipeline of missed opportunities for all, especially black youth and those living in urban communities regarding multisport events and the multisport industry.

The conference consisted of TRI Clinics and a Youth & Junior Tri-Panel. Topic categories included but were not limited to, Education, Health & Wellness, Workforce Development, Career & College Readiness, Personal Growth & Development and the Multisport Industry. The conference featured five dual tracks, representing over 40 presentations on key topics for the advancement of those living in urban communities and black youth in the multisport industry and in life.

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