Ever known of someone that was viewed last but refuse to let the thoughts of others, define their pathway in life? Well that is Dr. Tekemia. She remains motivated by the lack of belief of others in her ability to succeed and continue to rise while reaching back to help others along the way.

Dr. Tekemia Dorsey is a pioneer, a trail blazer, a glass-shatterer, and transformational leader. In four short years, she has risen to the top of the multisport industry, not widely represented by minorities. She has earned her seat at the table as the “First African American to serve on USA Triathlon Board of Directors’ in the Board’s 45-year History.” Defying the odds, creating opportunities for others and being an inspiration and hope to many, Dorsey continues to be a role model for urban girls/boys who others did not believe in from the Inner City and around the globe, as well as for women and girls seeking to break through the glass ceilings of life.


Dr. Tekemia serves as CEO of The International Association of Black Triathletes, Senior Consultant at DTD’s Urban Multisport Consulting Firm and General Director – Mid East Region overseeing Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, W. Virginia, Delaware, Ohio, N. Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.


She is passionate, motivated, an inspiration, has unwavering faith, strong-willed, and determined to succeed. Dr. Tekemia remains in the Top 3% - 4% of successful individuals of the world across multiple industries, via leadership, athletics, coaching, as a business executive, and the list continues. Individuals are motivated by Dr. Tekemia through her achievements and accomplishments. She has the gift of reaching people where they are and leaving them knowing they have yet to scratch the surface of their innate ability to succeed.


Dr. Tekemia is your Go-to-Expert if you want to revitalize urban communities, learn how to shatter glass ceilings, learn how to overcome adversity, want to learn how to transform self and/or others, or simply need inspiration and motivation for all, especially urban youth, urban communities, women and girls across any industry.


Analyst, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (Federal Gov't) w/20 plus years of leadership and management experience.

Vice President

Jennifer Mann


HR Specialist with exceptional leadership skills that she is eager ed to contribute to the betterment of urban communities. 

Budget/Finance Director & Secretary

Joy D. Farley


Director of Business Services for The Arc Baltimore and part of Leadership Baltimore Country 2020.

Fundraising Strategy Director & Business Partnerships Director

Kim Scroggins


6th Grader at Middle River Middle School , Triathlete, Co-Founder of IABT Junior Multisport Club, Youth Motivational Speaker, and entering his 6th season in Triathlon. Certified Swim Coach, Junior TRI-Coach, and AED/CPR Infant/Adult Certified.

Youth Board Member

Beloved Joshua "BJ" Simons


10th Grader at  Coppin Academy High School , Triathlete, and Co-Founder of IABT Junior Multisport Club. Certified Swim Coach, Junior TRI-Coach, and AED/CPR Infant/Adult Certified.

Junior Board Member

Heaven Simons


8th Grader at Parkville Magnet Middle School , Triathlete, Co-Founder of IABT Junior Multisport Club, Youth Motivational Speaker, and entering her 6th season in Triathlon. Certified Swim Coach, Junior TRI-Coach, and AED/CPR Infant/Adult Certified.

Youth & Junior Board Member

Halee Simons


Collegiate students, Assistant Swim Coach, Certified Swim Instructor, Assistant Program Director.

Website Development Director & Age Group Board Member

Brandon Johnson

Physical Education Teacher, Certified Water Safety and Life Guard, Swim Coach, Assistant TRI Club Coach.

Volunteer Coordinator

Marlon Turner

 IABT Junior Multisport Club Co-Founders

Hope Is Where the Heart Is

IABT Junior Multisport Club was Founded by CEO, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey and Co-Founder Siblings Heaven Simons, Halee Simons, and Beloved Joshua (BJ) Simons when they were all just in elementary in 2014. The siblings along with their older brother Brandon, watched their Mom go from non-swimmer at age 43 to Ironman FINISHER in nine months and 15 days. Upon completion of Ironman, the sibling trio wanted to become TRIathletes and so their training with Mom, begin. 

A few years ago, they had only hoped their LOVE for TRIathlons would catch on in urban communities. Some 4-5 years later it has through their Club Program (IABT Junior Multi-Sport Club) with the assistance of their host organizations (International Association of Black Triathletes and IABT MultiSport Racing. The Club Program exposes Club Athletes to more then just sports.

As they begin to take part in multisport events in Spring 2015 (duathlons, triathlons, etc), they noticed there were not many youth that looked like them and begin to question why? The outcome was simple there weren't as many black youth in the sport because they were unaware, unfamiliar and therefore not taking part. 

Because of their dream, along with their Mom’s organizational vision, Dr. Tekemia Dorsey lives are changing in urban communities through the Multisport Industry.

IABT Junior Multisport Club is an AWARD WINNING Club who mission is to educate and to increase participation in the multisport industry for all but especially black youth and those living in urban communities. 

Causes the Club have spearheaded include not limited to childhood obesity, adult obesity, cancer, and getting kids healthy and active through the swim, cycle and run initiative.

As a family, nothing is taken for granted and each day remains a BLESSING in and of itself. Learn more at


Attorney, Triathlete,  World Record Holder for Number of Full Ironman Completed by a Woman (122); Member of USA Triathlon Women's Committee and USA Triathlon Board of Directors;  Interested in in promoting equity and diversity in the sport of triathlon.

Board Member 

Susan Haag

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